Steven Knudsen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending much of his youth walking 8 miles across town to compete in rap battles, he worked his way off the streets and into San Jose State University. He graduated with a BFA in Animation/Illustration (which is a real thing) in 2013. 

Steven is currently living in Los Angeles, working as a background and character designer. Aside from painting pretty pictures, he enjoys working out, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, beer and writing in third person, because that is what he read you are supposed to do, when he Google'd "how to write a bio." 

Why are you supposed to write in third person, anyway? Seems weird. Is that to pretend you're important enough that someone else is writing about you? Well, anyway... 

Also, this is an old picture. My mustache is much more tame these days.

I mean "his." 

"His" mustache.

-Barack Obama